Sweetwater Springs Organic Farm, LLC is a Veteran-owned business started in late 2016. We are proud to be USDA Organic Certified and look forward to providing fresh organic produce to our neighbors, friends and family for many years to come!


At Sweetwater Springs we believe strongly in using sustainable practices not only on the farm portion of our property, but also on the remainder of our property, in our home, and in our living. For example we:
  • Use a well for our home and farm garden water supply. We have this well tested twice per year to monitor not only for coliform bacteria but also for heavy metals, (we have them run every test they have.) This reduces the load on the local water department and to some extent the local power grid.

  • I collect all un-suitable plants from the garden to feed to our organically-raised chickens. This provides natural vegetable sustenance for our chickens instead of going in the trash bin. What isn't used for feed is composted for later nutrient additive in the field.

  • We use fallen logs from our property for storm run-off erosion control. This saves us money in buying commercially available erosion control systems that have to be mined and/or processed.

  • I am harvesting/salvaging the lumber from an old family farmhouse on the property to use this winter for furniture making and other small items. This will keep it from going to waste. Will provide some beautiful tables etc for people to purchase and enjoy including a small historical plate attached to each piece to help preserve the farm's history, and will keep the farmhouse from going to waste.

  • I use a wood chipper to mulch up smaller fallen and culled limbs from our trees as mulch for what will be a beautiful, scenic walking path around the perimeter of our farm, keeping the limbs from going to waste and saving us money on mulch.

  • We will be testing the water in and utilizing two natural springs on the property to fill an irrigation pond for future farm irrigation.

  • We use some of the MANY rocks and stones on our property as decorative features and flower garden border instead of buying processed commercial border.

  • In the future we will be installing a small solar array to power not only our home but the farm also, saving coal and nuclear fuel at our local power plants, and helping to reduce pollution in our local environment.